Technical description:

Harmony is a genuine hybrid material with a 50Dk gas permeable material in the optic area and a flexible skirt. This combination gives the advantages of each modality, excellent optical performance and true soft lens comfort.

RGP Centre :
Dk:   50
Wetting angle:   <25°
Hardness:   D/80
Refractive Index:   1.465
Specific Gravity:   1.13
Water absorption:   0.1%
Visible light transmission:   >96%
Classification:   Focon III 3

Flexible Skirt :
Water Content ( by displacement):   30%
Wet Refractive Index:   1.451
Visible Light Transmission:   >94%


Unlike earlier versions of hybrid technology the materials chosen by Vista Optics have real benefits in enhancing the fitting modalities available to the experienced contact lens fitter.  The 50Dk gas permeable element gives meaningful oxygen permeability and provides real benefits for the wearer.  The bond between the materials is a true polymeric process, which gives a surprisingly resilient transition that does not detach which was the experience in earlier versions of this type of lens.


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