World Congress on Refractive Error, September 2010

December 22, 2009 Posted by Institute for Eye Research Limited


The International Centre for Eyecare Education (ICEE) is calling for abstract submissions for the second World Congress on Refractive Error (WCRE) to be held in Durban, South Africa, from 20-22 September 2010.
Incorporating a broad perspective of eye health and development objectives, ICEE invites you to submit an abstract that addresses one or more of the three congress themes:

Theme 1: Broadening the Development Agenda

  Refractive errors, MDGs and poverty reduction strategies
  Refractive errors and education for all
  Refractive errors and social inclusion
  Presbyopia – economic implications and quality of life
  Primary health care reform
  Community centred services
  School eye health
  Partnerships: collaborations and networks
  Environmental change

Theme 2: Aligning Eye Health with Health Systems

  Service delivery approaches
  Approaches for scaling up the eye health workforce
  Barriers: consumer perspective, service delivery perspective, policies and gender
  Theme 3: Innovation
  Research: epidemiological, operational, qualitative studies
  Cost effective and affordable approaches
  Social justice

Abstract submissions close 1 March 2010. Poster submissions close 1 April 2010.
WCRE Conference Chair, Professor Kovin Naidoo, said the 2010 congress promises a stimulating and diverse programme and a great opportunity to discuss global eye care and development issues.
“The congress will attract leaders in optometry; ophthalmology, industry and development fields to build strategies for sustainable, integrated solutions that transcend the boundaries of eye care and encompass social, political and economic solutions. We are working on an international line-up of world leaders from organisations involved in poverty eradication and development programmes to address the conference,” he said.
“In a year when climate change has dominated the agenda for all sectors of our global community, the theme of the World Conference on Refractive Error, Vision Correction: Broadening the Development Agenda, emphasises our global responsibility, giving attendees exposure to the myriad aspects of development and healthcare in a time of global climate change,” Professor Brien Holden, CEO of ICEE, said.
At least 670 million people, mostly in the developing world, are blind or vision impaired simply because they don’t have access to basic eye examination and a pair of glasses. Of those, at least 153 million suffer from treatable blindness or vision impairment at distance and a further 517 million due to near-sightedness.
Most of the world is unaware of the link between poverty and avoidable blindness or that uncorrected refractive error causes profound disadvantages to individuals, their families and societies. This unnecessary disability has a major impact on people’s lives – restricting the ability to secure a livelihood, severely limiting child and adult education, crucially impacting on economic development and preventing people from participating fully in their communities, hence the theme of the congress.
Many of the corrective measures available to those living with vision impairment are often inaccessible to those in low socio-economic groups. Access to healthcare and education are critical factors in lifting people and communities out of poverty.
At the inaugural meeting in Durban in 2007, the 650 congress delegates strongly advocated that refractive error be a priority on the global health agenda. In what has become known as the Durban Declaration, delegates committed to eliminating avoidable blindness. The Durban Declaration calls upon governments, international organisations and other stakeholders to support the development and deployment of appropriate human resources, infrastructure and technology for the effective delivery of eye care services to address avoidable blindness.
ICEE is proud to present the World Congress on Refractive Error, Vision Correction: Broadening the Development Agenda.
To submit abstracts, register and find out more, access WCRE via:

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