TearScience and Johnson & Johnson

September 12, 2017 Posted by Johnson & Johnson


Johnson & Johnson Vision announced that it has completed its acquisition of TearScience, Inc., a medical device manufacturer dedicated to evaluating meibomian gland health and treating Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD), the leading cause of Dry Eye Disease (Dry Eye)i. The acquisition is another step in Johnson & Johnson Vision’s strategy to become a broad-based, global leader in eye health and further expands the company’s leading eye health portfolio.
"Dry Eye is too often the culprit of why patients drop out of contact lenses or why they may have a less than optimal outcome from their cataract surgery," said Ashley McEvoy, Company Group Chairman, responsible for the Johnson & Johnson Vision Companies. "The medical device technologies from TearScience will allow us to address the main underlying cause of Dry Eye, giving us a mechanical solution to a mechanical problem."
Dry Eye impacts an estimated 340 million people globally, and MGD, a chronic, progressive condition that can range from mild to severe pain, is the leading cause. Patients with MGD may present in an optometrist’s office or at an ophthalmology appointment, so the disease is treated across the eye care community. TearScience technologies allow physicians to evaluate meibomian gland health and treat MGD with a 12-minute in-office treatment.

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