Owen Flynn passed away

November 26, 2020 Posted by EFCLIN


In October we were saddened to learn that Owen Flynn, founder of Richmond '87 Limited Optics and former EFCLIN member, has passed away.

On EFCLIN website you can read the following:

"In these unprecedented times it has been hard on all of us not being able to go about our day to day life normally. We all love what we do in this amazing industry, and love sharing it with the many colleagues and friends that we have, and make globally along the way. We have all suffered with cancellations of congresses, seminars, educational days, and probably one the best organised events that we all look forward to every year, EFCLIN, where we really do all come together.

With these difficult times also comes the sadness of hearing of the recent passing of Owen Flynn from Richdome 87 Optics. Owen was a private man but a true gentleman; he was the go-to man who supplied and supported the laboratories, big and small, for more than 30 years with materials, polishes, and consumables. Most of us probably cannot even remember a time when Owen was not around. He could always be relied on for the obscure widget that seems unimportant until it breaks or runs out, and without which a laboratory grinds to a halt. If he did not have it, he would find it; he always came good, even the odd phone call to give you a tip to go and put money on a horse running at the 3.30. Owen was one of those special people; customers and friends would rush to greet him at trade shows, just to spend time on his booth, catching up on the news, and most importantly having a lot of fun.

We will all have treasured memories of Owen that we will never forget. Let us hope we can all soon celebrate his life and contribution to the Contact Lens Industry. Owen’s funeral will take place on November 11th at Taunton Crematorium, Somerset, UK. The organisers have asked for no flowers, but if anyone wants to make a donation, then they have nominated Saint Margaret’s Hospice Taunton."

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