New Avizor Product Range From Mid-Optic

January 24, 2007 Posted by Mid-Optic


Mid-Optic are pleased to announce the launch of a brand new range of products. The Avizor range offers a complete portfolio of contact lens solutions and comfort drops.
Products include All Clean Soft, a multipurpose solution for soft and silicone hydrogel lenses, One-Step peroxide preservative free solution with Bio-Indicator tablet and the excellent Ever Clean all-in-one solution.
Ever Clean is a patented formula that utilises a two-layer tablet to ensure a powerful cleaning and disinfection process. This results in greater efficiency in cleaning the lenses, in only 2 hours. Ever Clean can be used with soft, disposable, continuous wear and RGP lenses.
For patients with dry or irritated eyes, you can choose form the Avizor range of comfort drops. These include Moisture Drops containing sodium hyaluronate, Cleaning Drops that clean the lens as you blink and Comfort Drops for tired and dry eyes.
All Avizor products are for opticians only.
For a full product catalogue and price list detailing very competitive prices please call Mid-Optic on +44 (0)1332 295001. Free of charge Starter Packs are available on request.

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