New Aluminium Bottle for Stella Artois Beer!

May 02, 2006 Posted by Alcan Packaging


The Inbev group has chosen Alcan Packaging to launch the new Stella Artois beer on the Russian market, complete with brand-new packaging. Through the luxurious new 50cl bottle, the world’s largest brewer by volume is banking on a large-scale launch to consolidate its position and presence across the entire beverage sector.
After a promising start in Europe and swift recent growth in the United States, there is a clear trend on this highly competitive market: the big beverage names are counting more and more on aluminum to develop their sales and boost their brand image.
For promotional launches, new beverages or limited editions, aluminum is established as a sure-fire way of winning new market share - with good reason as aluminum bottles offer many benefits.

A compelling argument for the sector is that aluminum keeps beverages fresher longer. In addition to their cool appearance and feel, aluminum bottles are very lightweight but unbreakable, and offer unlimited printing possibilities (on 100% of their surface area!).
Cebal, part of the Alcan Packaging group, is a pioneer in the aluminum bottle market. Drawing on its great expertise, Cebal has an extensive and varied customer portfolio, from vodka to beer via energy drinks, olive oil and even wine. The group has developed a wide range of aluminum bottles with standard or long necks and in all sizes from 20cl to 1l. The bottles can be gloss or matt and a great many special effects are possible thanks to a wide range of specially adapted inks, including one that shines under the UV lights in nightclubs!
However special they may be, all these bottles are fully compatible with standard market sizes, especially for filling and closures. This compliance means easier bottling and a good fit with distribution channels.
A few weeks are enough for Alcan Packaging to develop and produce high-quality aluminum bottles that perfectly match both your requirements and the latest market trends.
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