Keith Parker - Change is Good

April 25, 2001 Posted by Keith Parker


It always amazes me to see how fast things can change in this Industry. If you have not already heard by now, my long time relationship with Duffens Optical / Essilor Laboratories of America has come to an end. I want to take this opportunity to say that it has been a true pleasure servicing my customers needs through these organizations. Duffens Optical has always been a true supporter of the CLMA and my experience with Essilor has allowed me to grow and mature within this Industry. I publicly want to say thank you to both these fine companies who supported my passion, allowing me to serve where needed in the industry.

As President of the CLMA, I see this change in my life to come at a very good time. I now have the opportunity to more closely focus on the Industry issues before our Organization. In my opinion, the RGP industry has finally hit bottom, flattened out and is now at the base of an upsurge like we have never seen before.

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