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March 10, 2017 Posted by VRmagic


The international blindness prevention NGO Orbis has equipped its third generation “Flying Eye Hospital” with another training simulator from VRmagic. The Flying Eye Hospital enables a global volunteer team of ophthalmic experts to both train local medical professionals in Africa, Asia and Latin America and deliver patient treatment in order to prevent avoidable blindness. The MD-10 aircraft was remodeled to comprise a clinic with operating theater and teaching facilities. Next to classroom and live broadcast capabilities from the operating theater, the plane features two virtual reality simulators from VRmagic for training of medical professionals. The Eyesi Surgical simulator has already been on board since 2005. Now, eye doctors can also train retinal examinations on virtual patients. The Eyesi Indirect Ophthalmoscope simulator offers a realistic, three-dimensional experience and a wide variety of retinal pathologies. Dr. Jonathan Lord, Orbis: “Orbis was an early adopter of the Eyesi simulator, which has been a popular component of our Flying Eye Hospital training programmes over the past 10 years. On every programme we operate a booking system for this device due to its popularity. The use of simulation in medical training has grown as it allows essential skills training in a safe controlled environment, without patient risk. With the arrival of our ‘third generation’ Flying Eye Hospital we are delighted that we have been able to upgrade to a new Eyesi Simulator and an indirect simulator. The coming years will see us grow our competency based simulation training programs and these devices will form a key component of this training.”

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