EFCLIN Congress takes place in 2022

November 26, 2020 Posted by EFCLIN


Because of the corona situation EFCLIN decided to inform the whole community about the following:

"See Beyond 2021 - This was our congress title for the coming spring. Now, that the 2nd COVID wave is rolling over us more violently than ever expected, the board of directors and management decided not to take any further risk and to reschedule the EFCLIN Congress and Exhibition again for another year. We think you respect and share our decision and understand it. The target date is April 28 - 30, 2022, with more details to follow later.

Rescheduling the congress twice will place a heavy financial burden on the EFCLIN association. Your solidarity and loyalty to the organization is now required more than ever. We hope and expect that you continue to support EFCLIN in the future so that this unique meeting platform will not be lost with this outstanding congress.

Webinars - In order to stay in contact with you and to keep in touch with each other, EFCLIN will regularly invite you to webinars in the meantime. To ensure that our American and Asian members can also benefit from these webinars, they will be held either at 17:00 CET or 8:00 CET. Please note the times on the invitations. The webinars will be recorded and will be available for EFCLIN members to download from the EFCLIN website for another 4 - 6 weeks (login required).

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