Dakota Sciences signs No. 7 Contact Lens as Exclusive So2Clear Lens Technology Partner for the Unite

July 14, 2008 Posted by Dakota Sciences


Dakota Sciences and No. 7 Contact Lens. have entered into an exclusive agreement allowing No. 7 Contact Lens to manufacture and distribute thepatented So2Clear Lens Technology throughout The United Kingdom and Denmark.
Based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Dakota Sciences is the worlds leading innovator in the rapidly growing “large Diameter RGP” market.  The patented So2Clear Lens is a larger diameter GP that, when coupled with today’s high dk GP materials, delivers both comfort and excellent visual acuity.  The straightforward dual control fitting philosophy involves a base curve that is fit traditionally with peripheral curve alignment/touch on a small portion of the sclera. The result is a lens that offers optimum centration and extreme stability and delivers clear, comfortable, healthy vision. After a year of R&D, the product was launched with much success in 2006 and has since achieved approximately a 50% market share in the global large diameter GP lens category. Art Optical, one of the premier custom contact lens makers in the world, licensed the technology for distribution in North America in January of 2008.  Of the experience with SoClear Lens, Mike Johnson, Director of Consultation at art optical states “Art Optical Contact Lens, Inc. has been working with the SoClear lens design since mid-January of this year. Our focus has been placed on patients who have not been successful with corneal GP lenses or soft lenses. We have had excellent success with the majority of patients and a resounding comment from all patients of how comfortable the lenses are. While our overall numbers are limited due to the patient category, there is no doubt that the use of SoClear for standard refractive errors will soon be encouraged. We are also looking forward to offering a multifocal version which is currently in development”.
No. 7 Contact lens will launch the SoClear Lens in all three current designs 1) Standard, 2) Cone, 3) Multi-focal.  The So2Clear Lens is very successful for a variety of indications such as standard refractive errors, keratoconus, PMD, problem corneas, and is a truly innovative lens for presbyopes desiring great near vision and comfort characteristics.  Ashley Pepper, Managing Director of No. 7 Contact Lens Laboratory Ltd. commented on the agreement  “No.7 is truly excited about introducing this new technology into the UK and Denmark markets.  My personal wearing experience with the SoClear Multi-focal is that it is best contact lens I’ve ever worn and the best multifocal by a mile.  Myself and, and many patients we fit in the So2Clear lens experienced initial comfort far better than any Silicone Hydrogel, combined with superior vision, a longer wearing time, and easier handling.”
Capitalising on a growing presbyopic market place, So2Clear Lenses will be available from No7 Contact Lenses from the beginning of August, supported by a series of training events, practice materials and point-of-sale items.  For more information or to register your early interest in the trial lens set for this unique product, please call the sales office on 01424 850620 or email info@no7-contact-lenses.co.uk

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