DAC International Introduces Version 5 Software with Microsoft Windows

December 07, 2005 Posted by DAC International


DAC International now offers a version of lathe and mill software that will run under any version of Microsoft Windows. All new machines are furnished with DAC Version 5 Software, which includes Windows XP Professional and allows connectivity to servers, as well as other Windows based components in the manufacturing process. At power up, the operator can choose between DOS and Windows XP, according to his or her preference.
Customers already owning DAC equipment can utilize Version 5 Software, by purchasing the DAC DMC III upgrade and installing a dual-back plane computer.
A demonstration version is available at no charge, which can be installed on a “desk-top” computer, allowing the user to view the features, advantages and 50 algorithms provided by Version 5 Software.
DAC also supplies every new machine with the RAID system, in which two hard drives run concurrently. If one fails, an alarm sounds and the machine continues without interruption on the second hard drive. A third hard drive is provided that can be updated, periodically and taken off the premises for security purposes.

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