AVT receives FDA Clearance for EyePrintPRO

August 09, 2016 Posted by Advanced Vision Technologies


Advanced Vision Technologies, Inc. is proud to announce the FDA clearance for the EyePrintPRO prosthetic scleral device utilizing the proprietary EyePrint Impression Process. The EyePrint Impression Process creates an exact 3-D model of the ocular surface, which in combination with the EyePrint Designer (EPD) software develops a unique and precise scleral device for protection and optical correction of the eye. “The Patent pending EPD software utilizes proprietary Elevation Specific Technology enabling 360° of perfect alignment of the EyePrintPRO haptic landing zone, achieving unparalleled comfort, vision and ocular health for the most highly irregular and diseased corneal conditions,” explains Keith Parker, President of Advanced Vision Technologies. The EyePrintPRO is exclusively manufactured by Advanced Vision Technologies and is proudly featured in the Optimum Extra 100Dk Contamac GP material. The EyePrintPRO, developed by EyePrint Prosthetics, LLC, is available through trained EyePrint practitioners at EyePrint referral sites. Christine Sindt, OD, FAAO, FSLA, states “The EyePrint, like a fingerprint, is unique to the individual and allows for fitting characteristics and optics which are unattainable in other scleral lenses, even in the most difficult eyes.” 

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