Antibacterial Contact Lens Case

March 03, 2006 Posted by Contax Optical Ltd


Nanotechnology- For people who wear Contact Lenses it is very important to choose the correct lens case in addition to following correct guidelines and perform cleaning and maintenance on a regular basis.
If the proper cleaning procedure is neglected then bacteria will accumulate and become a source of contamination, resulting in eye damage.
This Antibacterial Contact Lens Case is made with Nano Silver Material, the nanoparticles of silver and the aqueos silver ions released by the nano silver create a significant anti-bacterial effect.
Nano Silver can significantly reduce E.coli, hemorrhagic E.coli, salmonella and other bacteria.
This Antibacterial case is great news for contact lens wearers.
For more information on the Antibacterial case and the full range of contact lens cases available  please contact:-
Contax Optical Ltd
Tel..+44 1252 876884

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