Access to European Union - 15th edition - April 2006

March 08, 2006 Posted by European Study Service/ELC International


Written by Nicholas Moussis, a lawyer and former European Commission adviser, ACCESS TO EUROPEAN UNION is an annually revised title which presents latest economic, political and legislative developments in each EU policy area.   Published in April 2006, the new 15th edition contains over 1000 exact references to key Community legal texts and more than 300 bibliographic references.  It is essential reading for anyone wanting to understand how European policy shapes economic, business and social life.
Part I: Treaties, Laws,  Institutions
Chapter 1: Introduction to European Integration
Chapter 2: European Treaties
Chapter 3: European Law and Finances
Chapter 4: Structure and functions of European Institutions

Part II: Integration Stages
Chapter 5: Customs Union
Chapter 6: Common Market
Chapter 7: Economic and Monetary Union
Chapter 8: Towards a Political Union

Part III: Policies Concerning the Citizens
Chapter 9: Citizens Rights and  Participation
Chapter 10: Information, Audiovisual and Cultural Policies
Chapter 11: Consumer Policy

Part IV: Horizontal Policies
Chapter 12: Regional Development Policy
Chapter 13: Social Progress Policies
Chapter 14: Taxation Policy
Chapter 15: Competition Policy
Chapter 16: Environment Policy

Part V: Sectoral Policies
Chapter 17: Industrial and Enterprise Policies
Chapter 18: Research and Technology Policy
Chapter 19: Energy Policy
Chapter 20: Common Transport Policy
Chapter 21: Agricultural Policy
Chapter 22: Common Fisheries Policy

Part VI: External Policies
Chapter 23: Common Commercial Policy
Chapter 24: Development Aid Policy
Chapter 25: External Relations

Conclusions/Index and Glossary
Readership: An excellent guide for any business person, politician, lawyer, economist or academic who wants to have an overall view of EU policy or a summary account of a specific industrial or commercial sector.
Published: April 2006
Size: 246 x 170 mm
Extent: 566 pages
ISBN: 2-930119-41-1
Binding: Paperback
Price: £38/55 EUR (10% discount on all orders received by March 31, 2006)

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