Abbotsbury is Refocusing on Machinery Design & Project Engineering within the CL Industry

January 07, 2001 Posted by Abbotsbury Press Office


Abbotsbury is refocusing on machinery design and project engineering within the contact lens industry.

It has been said that “We don’t make contact lenses, we only make the lathes.” At Abbotsbury we consider that we do make contact lenses and the lathes are only part of what we offer.

Following the successful development of new products such as the contact lens edge inspection and modification unit and the revolutionary system 247 contact lens lathe, Abbotsbury managing director Dennis O’Carroll says the company is now set to concentrate on its core activities of project management and custom design.

Although we will of course continue to offer our range of new and used equipment to the contact lens industry, the new focus on custom machinery design will give our clients an edge not available elsewhere.

By offering our design services direct to large and small laboratories within the contact lens industry we are able to assist companies in developing highly efficient production systems. This is not just a case of adding a machine here or cutting an operator there but often a fundamental review of how an item is processed from raw material to delivered product. Dennis O’Carroll has been involved in just about every aspect of the contact lens industry for over 15 years. From developing special equipment such as mould mastering machinery to the relatively simple built-in twin spindle modification unit. Recent projects have included development of improved kerataconus designs and reducing reject levels by overcoming a swarf extraction problem.

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