Contamac B.V. High Precision Contact Lens Machinery in Sicily

February 02, 2005 Posted by Contamac Ltd.


The high precision machinery company, Contamac B.V. (formerly Opteq B.V.), has gone from strength to strength since its acquisition by Contamac, the UK-based global contact and intraocular lens material specialists. A high quality Opteq lathe has recently been installed with Herz Submicron Lathing, one of the leading contact lens manufacturing labs in Italy. Based in Sicily, Herz has concentrated for many years on supplying practitioners, not just in Italy, but also across Europe, with some of the most complicated and sophisticated prescription contact lenses available. The company is committed to using innovative products, such as Contamac’s OPTIMUM materials, and the most advanced lens manufacturing equipment. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the Herz management team has decided to invest in the Opteq lathe, developed by Contamac B.V. This new technology will enable the lab to achieve even greater lens accuracy and diversity of designs, while also increasing production volume. The Opteq lathe and OPTIMUM materials will help Herz to remain at the forefront of complex prescription contact lens production. According to Ken Payne, ” We are delighted to be working with Herz. This is one of an increasing number of labs using Contamac B.V. high precision machinery. It is great to see so many businesses benefiting from this advanced technology.”

Photo: Snr. Guiffrida, Chief Lab Technician at Herz with the new Opteq lathe Click on below file name to view photo:

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