Annual Contour Golf Tournament

July 21, 2003 Posted by Contour Fine Tooling


The Contour Fine Tooling Annual Golf Tournament takes place this year on the 5th September. The tournament will be at the Chesfield Downs Golf Club near Stevenage, Hertfordshire, UK.

Contour welcomes all customers and potential customers to participate in what is described as “one…

Boston Update Volume 12

August 13, 2002 Posted by Boston Update Volume 12


Boston Update Volume 12

Boston Update Volume 12

Abbotsbury is Refocusing on Machinery Design & Project Engineering within the CL Industry

January 07, 2001 Posted by Abbotsbury Press Office


Abbotsbury is refocusing on machinery design and project engineering within the contact lens industry.

It has been said that “We don’t make contact lenses, we only make the lathes.” At Abbotsbury we consider that we do make contact lenses and the lathes are only part of what we offer.

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