3D Face Capture and Virtual Try-On System for the Eyewear Market

August 25, 2001 Posted by Admin


Geometrix, a leading provider of 3D learning solutions, announced a channel partnership with Visionix Ltd. As part of the partnership, Geometrix created a high-speed 3D face capture and virtual try-on solution for the retail eyewear market. The system leverages FaceVision(TM), a…

Optikos Introduces the WavePro Analyzer

June 01, 2001 Posted by Optikos Corporation


CAMBRIDGE, MA - June 1, 2001 - Optikos Corporation announces the introduction of the Optikos WaveProtm Wavefront Analyzer, a real-time analysis tool that extends the dynamic range of wavefront measurements far beyond that of competitive products. Based on Shack-Hartmann technology, the…

Nidek OPD-Scan Receives FDA 510(k) Approval

April 11, 2001 Posted by Optical Dispense News


The US FDA has approved Nidek’s OPD-Scan diagnostic system. The optical path difference scan combines dynamic skiascopy and Placido disk topography to create power maps that show the total optical system aberrations in each patient eye. The OPD-Scan also incorporates…

Abbotsbury is Refocusing on Machinery Design & Project Engineering within the CL Industry

January 07, 2001 Posted by Abbotsbury Press Office


Abbotsbury is refocusing on machinery design and project engineering within the contact lens industry.

It has been said that "We don’t make contact lenses, we only make the lathes." At Abbotsbury we consider that we do make contact lenses and the lathes are only part of what we…

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