IACLE News And Views - July (#1) 2005 Edition

July 11, 2005 Posted by Vision CRC




IACLE’s current membership totals more than 550 educators in approximately
267 institutions in 61 countries. IACLE must effectively use its limited resources to focus efforts on providing training and…

Rotlex News, May 2005

May 25, 2005 Posted by Admin


Nexgen Optical Offers Blocking Waxes

April 01, 2005 Posted by Nexgen Optical


Nexgen Optical, the UK based supplier to IOL and contact lens manufacturers worldwide, are again increasing their varied product range and are pleased to announce that a range of blocking waxes are now available. The colored wax sticks are proving popular like Red, Green and Blue;…

Special E-Calculation Program

February 03, 2005 Posted by Polychem


Special E-Calculation Program for CG Auto Microspherometer MS/T

Polychem Inc. USA, world distributors for the Neitz CG Auto Microspherometer MS/T announces a special trial program for this precise labor saving lens manufacturing aid. Any prospective customer wishing to try the CG…

Nexgen Optical: Dealer of X-Pal and Alox, and Larsen Equipement

January 14, 2005 Posted by Nexgen Optical


Nexgen Optical are pleased to announce that we are now the UK importer of the X-Pal and Alox polishing powder after the sad and unfortunate closure of the previous supplier. We are pleased to be able to continue the supply of these quality polishing powders, as they complement our already…

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