BCLA Conference Update

April 06, 2009 Posted by BCLA


BCLA Conference Update:
Welcome to Conference Update with the latest news of the 2009 BCLA Clinical Conference and Exhibition, to be held in Manchester from May 28-31.
Don’t miss out on the exciting social programme at BCLA 2009!    
The BCLA Conference not only has world…

Netherlands-based Researcher Visited Contamac

April 26, 2005 Posted by Contamac Ltd.


A VIP visitor to Contamac’s laboratories near Cambridge recently was leading Netherlands-based researcher, speaker and writer on contact lens topics, Eef van der Worp.

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As leading global specialists in contact lens and…

Diamond Fields Year End Review of Projects

January 18, 2005 Posted by Diamond Fields International Ltd.


Diamond Fields International Ltd. presents a summary of exploration and development activities in Namibia, Greenland, Norway, West Africa and Madagascar.


Diamond Fields resumed production on its marine diamond concessions offshore Luderitz, Namibia for four months in 2004 under a…

Contour Fine Tooling, Technical Bulletin Spring 2004

May 07, 2004 Posted by Contour Fine Tooling


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Contour Fine Tooling

Contour has Appointed Carole Humphreys

April 26, 2004 Posted by Contour Fine Tooling Ltd.


Contour Fine Tooling Limited, leading diamond turning tool manufacturer, has appointed Carole Humphreys as Group Accountant. With companies in the United Kingdom, USA, Netherlands and Japan, Carole will have responsibilities for overseeing the total financial areas of each subsidiary.

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